Benefits of a Serviced Office

In today’s economy, it is difficult for any business to keep afloat let alone make a profit. Often times, businesses are forced to cut back on expenses leaving them without the necessary staff or tools to do the job as professionally as they would like. A serviced office may be the solution you are looking for in order for you to cut expenses and still maintain your professional image.

A serviced office is an office building that is fully equipped and run by a facility management company. While there are some differences in serviced offices most of these offices then rent office space, suites, or entire floors to businesses. In most cases, these suites or offices come furnished and oftentimes tenants or individual business share conference rooms, reception services, and the use of business machines making it possible to cut costs while still having the necessary services to continue business in a professional manner. Most large cities around the world have serviced offices.

There are many benefits to a serviced office these include:

• An impressive address. Since most offices are located in the prime business districts of large cities they often have impressive addresses that makes potential clients feel as though they are doing business with highly successful companies which increases their trust even if they are new to your business.

• Full time security. Since the company provides the security for the entire building there is no need for each business to go to the expense of hiring their own security company to protect their business.

• Shared receptionist. Since a receptionist services often come as part of the rental package, you don’t have to pay extra for this employees services which can literally save a company thousands of dollars a year.

• Extra support staff as needed. While many offices do charge extra for the use of support staff such as secretaries this can still save a business a lot of money since you pay for these types of staff members only when you need their services saving you the cost of maintaining full time employees you may not need.

• Included utilities. When you rent your office space your utilities are included as part of the rent. This means saving even more on those high utility costs.

• It allows you to expand your business as needed since they are more flexible than the traditional type of office rentals.

Service offices offer solutions to meet the financial and professional needs of almost any type of business. Since the office building itself is secured and maintained by the company that rents to individual businesses it provides a safe environment for the companies that rent offices and suites. Businesses can find space on short notice and are able to use a serviced office on a short term/ long term basis making these offices the ideal solution for businesses that are just starting out, moving to a new city or in the process of expanding and need temporary additional space while looking for or waiting to move into a larger facility.